Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Going to Hell

This coming Saturday, I am going to Hell—Winder, Georgia.

I mean this as no slight to the good people of Winder. In fact, Winder isn’t actually Hell, per say, it just happens to be located near the entrance to the place. In this particular instance, the Hell that I am referring to is a place once referred to by local Native Americans—the Creek and the Cherokee, according to my sources—as Nodoroc.

Nodoroc is interesting for a number of reasons. Apparently, it is the sight of what was once a large bog, and is believed to be the site of a now dormant volcano (we have everything in Georgia). The Native Americans who once inhabited these parts considered it a dark place leading to the underworld, and apparently they once regularly tossed war captives, criminals, and other human sacrifices into the bog to appease what lived there.

Which brings me to why I am going to visit the place. I am going on a search for the Wog, the hideous creature that once inhabited Nodoroc, and roamed the night in this part of North Georgia. Maybe it still does.

Reported to be about the size of a small horse, the Wog had a head like a dog. Its front legs were slightly shorter than it’s back legs, making it appear to walk hunched over. It had huge teeth—so big that its large lips couldn’t close over them. It had a long tail, at the end of which was a knot of wiry hair that the beast constantly swished from side-to-side making a sound that could be heard for quite some distance. It had a long, forked tongue that it darted in and out of its mouth like a snake.

I am going in search of the Wog, on assignment for Accent Gwinnett Magazine, a local publication. I look forward to posting my findings here on my blog.

Assuming, that is, that I return.

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e said...

OMG - I had no idea we had a story like this in Georgia!! Can't wait to read your article.
Stay safe - don't let the Wog get you!

Anonymous said...

Have you found anymore info? Please post it if you know more. Where was the pit located?

Anonymous said...

He never came back!?!?!? WTF!?!?