Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The First Day of Kindergarten

Well, there she goes.

Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten for my house.

Didn't she just get here? Didn't she just learn to walk and wasn't she just in diapers? Now she says that she wants to dress up like one of the B-52s for Halloween.

I am looking at a book that was inscribed to her by author Terry Kay (To Whom the Angels Spoke) when she was barely a month old. She has books that were autographed for her by authors before she was even born. Now she is reading books.

She's reading.

Today was Day 2 of kindergarten and she marched right in to the school building like she owned the place.

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing helps.


D said...

If you think this is hard, wait until boys start writing her love letters while she's still in kindergarten.

Just trying to help.

Dirk said...

Wait until she comes home talking about some little boy for the first time. "Oh, Jason did this, jason did that. Jason is so great."

Then you'll be jealous!