Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Been A While

The difficult thing about having a blog (or any other social media account) and staying away for a while is that when you return there are all kinds of unfamiliar updates, features, etc. Plus, you have to look around and find where you wrote your password down because you have forgotten it. Don't we have too many numbers, passwords, etc. to remember?

The summer book season is upon us. The spring season for Georgia authors was tremendous!

Anyone care to comment about the complete upending of the book industry during the past six months as a result of ebooks finally finding some real traction, Borders' woes, and the recent bidding war for B&N?

The fishing season is here. I'm looking forward to reading John Geirach's new title, 'No Shortage of Good Days', on the subject.

It's summer in Georgia, so water will be on everyone's minds here, too.

Tomorrow is June 2, speaking of fishing. You all know what that means.

Planning on spending this book and water-filled summer with two budding bibliophiles and merpeople. And with trucks.

First field-trip of the summer: the library. And by request, too. That makes me a lucky dad. The first fishing trip (this past Memorial Day) was a bit too hot, and yielded only a handful of small bream. But, again, the fish aren't always the main reason for going fishing, anyway.

Star Wars and Fart Powder are the topics at the moment. And a rural Georgia farm boy named George Washington Perry.


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