Monday, March 17, 2008

One Stop for Author Signings & Other Literary Events in Georgia

Dear Readers & Fellow Georgia Bibliophiles,

I have been in the book business for over a decade now. Most of that time I spent organizing—or helping to organize--author signings and other literary events, mostly in Georgia. It is amazing—especially to book folk—just how much is going on at any given time in Georgia with regards to books, authors and the larger world of publishing. Author signings, writer’s workshops, poetry readings, book festivals, conferences, seminars, discussion groups—something to appeal to nearly every taste, interest, genre, subject matter or age group.

The literary venues in Georgia are as varied as the authors and titles that they feature. Authors appear everywhere, from the superstore chain booksellers to small independent bookstores to warehouse discount stores like Costco and Walmart. Colleges, universities, religious organizations, public libraries, schools, and an assortment of both public and private institutions and organizations throughout Georgia are all hosting literary events. Of course, there are the premiere literary venues such as the Georgia Center for the Book and the Margaret Mitchell House and Center for Literature, both of which host an extraordinary line-up of authors and other literary activities throughout the year. Finally, from Dahlonega to Decatur to Savannah, annual literary and book festivals are plentiful in Georgia, and well attended by both authors and the reading public.

Georgia is also home to a diverse and prolific writing community, and some great small presses, not to mention a truly extraordinary literary heritage. I will be tooting their respective horns for them on my website at every opportunity.

For years, I have lamented to colleagues in the book business the lack of a single, comprehensive source of news about author events in Georgia. There are many—MANY—websites that give information about signings and other events, but to my knowledge, no one site that scans the news, web, etc. for who, what, when and where and then puts it in one spot. And I have looked for one, for years.

So, as a labor of love (for now), I plan to launch such a site in early April. I confess that I am doing it largely because 1) I personally like knowing what literary happenings are going on in Georgia, and especially what authors are appearing and where, 2) I have wanted a site like this myself for many years, and 3) I have already been accumulating this information on a regular basis for nearly ten years, so why not put it in one place for others to have quick access to. Oh, yes, and 4) as I stated, it will be a labor of love. I think that it will be great fun—though much work—and will keep me in touch.

I also hope to jazz up the site with author interviews and book reviews. So look for it coming soon.

Real Men Read.


Sharon said...

love to have you add to your list of favorite websites. It's the Dahlonega Literary Festival which is scheduled for August 8, 9 and 10, 2008

Thanks for doing this blog. It is a great resource.

georgiabookman said...


Thank you for the post. Yes, I know about the Dahlonega Festival, an dwill certainly be speaking of it. Author Brian Corrigan is a friend. Brian has been both an organizer and a participant in the Festial in the past. Quite an interesting fellow.

All the best!

May I suggest his book, The Poet of Loch Ness, if you haven't read it already.

anyone for a game of quiddich?

JoAnn said...

Finally, someone totally agrees with me! I have been searching, just as you have, for the same information. What can I do to help?
I write (free of course) for a small magazine for northwest Georgia readers. Each issue, I have a "What's Happening" page for just this kind of info. Maybe, we can combine efforts?

Daren Wang said...

Might I recommend I work hard to make it a comprehensive listing for metro Atlanta, although it doesn't get quite as far as Dahlonega yet. I also have a weekly recommendation, and I've got a spot on WABE where I talk about events around town.
I am heading up to NYC next month to meet with publishers about the Decatur Book Festival, but I will be pitching this central calendar to them also. I hope to start seeing some support for the effort from them.