Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stay at Home Dad

I am presently enjoying the status of part-time stay-at-home dad. I am keeping my three year-old son, Nic. So I am thinking up appropriate projects and activities that we can do together that are educational, fun, and give us a chance to do some father and son bonding. Our big project this week is that we are going to make beer.

If other stay-at-home dads who are out there have interesting, educational, fun and appropriate activities that they would like to suggest, I would welcome their ideas. Please indicate if there are any special requirements needed for the projects, and where I might find them.


1 comment:

D. L. said...

Since you've got the beer, you need to get some guns and go shooting.

Beer and weapons: what else does a Southern boy need? Except maybe a nice car.

As always, excellent work, my friend.