Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Georgia Book Awards & The 100th Day of School

Last week, my daughter brought home from her elementary school library a copy of Georgia author Betteye Stroud’s 2005 The Patchwork Path-A Quilt Map to Freedom (illustrated by Erin Susanne Bennett). My daughter informed me that the book has been nominated for a 2009 Georgia Book Award. She also informed me that she is reading books to earn points for a free ticket to Six Flags Over Georgia. So we began reading Patchwork right away to add to the points she had already earned.

Last night, before going to bed, my daughter told me to make certain that she was up early this morning so that she could finish the story that she was writing and illustrating entitled, The 100th Day of School. The story recognizes her class’ 100th day of kindergarten. She got herself up this morning just after 6 a.m. and was at her desk working before I even knew that she was awake.

I understand that this all simply sounds like the musings of a doting father with regards to his above average child. I do dote and she is above average. But that isn’t the point.

I just find it interesting—her making decisions and choices on her own, then acting on those decisions and choices, particularly when they are of a literary bent. Are there any developmental psychologists out there who can tell me what I am talking about? It’s just so cool!

My daughter was surprised to learn that she is the owner of an autographed copy of Ms. Stroud’s book. The author inscribed her copy to her when my daughter was just three years old—the year her baby brother was born. More information about Bettye Stroud and her works can be viewed at her website which can be linked to from of this blog.

Good luck and congratulations Bettye, on this year’s nomination.

And reading to earn a Six Flags ticket? My folks took me to the park the year it opened. I think it was 1967. Do I want to let my child on a roller coaster that is as old as me?


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