Thursday, January 8, 2009

Predictability--There Doesn't Seem to Be Any

To know, positively, before leaving one's office, countinghouse, or workshop for a day's outing, that it is the day of all others of the season, and that the phase of the moon, the condition of the sky and atmosphere, the direction and force of the wind, and the temperature and condition of the water are just right to insure success, and to know just what bait or fly to use, and in what portion of the stream to fish, under these conditions, implies a state of knowledge that can never be attained by ordinary mortals; and though we are created, "little lower than the angels," it involves a pursuit of knowledge under such extreme difficulties, that even prescience and omniscience are but ciphers in the total sum, for it leaves out the most important factor in the calculation--the fish itself.

--Dr. J. A. Henshall, Book of the Black Bass, 1881

Recommended: At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman by John Gierach

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